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Loved Up A Free Action Game
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Loved Up Free Game

Plays: 35287
Cute fun platformer where you have to collect the chocs, avoid the creatures and get the girl!
Save The Peoples A Free Action Game
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Save The Peoples Free Game

Plays: 35263
This is an anti war game. In this game you save civilians in a war zone by guiding them to a base tent. You guide them by putting arrows on the ground, but there are many civilians and the number of arrows you can put is limited. You must also guide the civilians away from bombs, toxic gases and mines.
Suma A Free Action Game
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Suma Free Game

Plays: 35190
Survive the ancient temples of Suma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler! Deep in the jungle lie hidden temples bursting with traps and trickery, and it's up to you to uncover their treasures. Fire magical balls from your stone frog idol to make matches of three or more and clear the deadly chain before it reaches the golden skull.Explore all the temples — if you're good, you’ll rack up huge combos and special bonuses that'll help you on your way. But think fast and aim smart, or you'll be history in this action-packed puzzle challenge!
Colors in the Sky A Free Action Game
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Colors in the Sky Free Game

Plays: 35022
Have fun busting the colored blocks and creating giant chain reactions in this innovative new puzzle game.
Fireworks! A Free Action Game
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Fireworks! Free Game

Plays: 34765
Light up the sky with Fireworks! Sit back and watch an incredible fireworks display or take control of the show and launch the fireworks! Outstanding realtime particle fx for the fireworks makes every show unique. It's never the same show twice! Crank up the audio because you'll want to feel the boom of these fireworks!
Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun A Free Action Game
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Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun Free Game

Plays: 34653
Can you successfully manage the Wallace and Gromit bakery "Top Bun", as you take on the frantic challenge of preparing, cooking and delivering their baked goods. Based on the antics in the new film "A Matter of Loaf and Death", take control of Gromit as the orders pile begin to pile up! Ensure the dough enters the right ovens, receives the correct topping, bakes on time and is placed in the van before it starts to burn. A variety of bakery upgrades and challenging demands will test your limit across 8 levels.
Spitfire: 1940 A Free Action Game
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Spitfire: 1940 Free Game

Plays: 34460
The Fighter command needs your assistance and fast! The Battle of Britain is about to begin and you have been called upon to manage the British defences. Organize your men, build planes, check intelligence reports and send out your Spitfires to defend the country against the threat of German invasion.
Jet Pass A Free Action Game
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Jet Pass Free Game

Plays: 34294
Fly an F-16 through a tunnel using your microphone. You must watch out for the rocks in the tunnel and you also need to avoid nose diving into the hot boiling lava! This game is great for any airplane lover, but even if you are not someone who loves airplanes this game will provide you with an immense amount of fun!
Rodeo Extreme A Free Action Game
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Rodeo Extreme Free Game

Plays: 34251
Your task is to bridle a wild horse.
Chicken Chuck A Free Action Game
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Chicken Chuck Free Game

Plays: 34197
It's end of boring time in the farm. Pigs and chickens find new fun - Sport activity. They have really crazy equipment, broom instead of spear and chicken insted of discus. Who will be the best farm pig in chicken chuck? Who will be the best chicken flyer? Show your ability and be the best.
Candy Dash A Free Action Game
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Candy Dash Free Game

Plays: 33215
Mad halloweenie fun...
Flapo 2 A Free Action Game
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Flapo 2 Free Game

Plays: 32914
Control the ball trough multilevel mazes. Destroy all round tiles before entering the exit tile. You can destroy tiles which color match your ball`s color. Use jump pads to access higher levels.
Insane Aquarium A Free Action Game
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Insane Aquarium Free Game

Plays: 32853
Get your insane aquarium goldfish to grow bigger and bigger till he's eating all the fish! If you're not big enough yet, look out for puffers, swordfish and deadly sharks.
Desert Warfare 2 A Free Action Game
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Desert Warfare 2 Free Game

Plays: 32799
You are in a covert op mission to fight the rebels and ruin their plans of acquiring nuclear ogives. Your mission is to eliminate all resistance in Bagdah. Weapons free. Desert Warfare is the sequel to the first FPS released for the Flash platform, Urban Warfare. New graphics and weapons, as well improved controls, guarantee a great gameplay experience.
Flymuncher A Free Action Game
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Flymuncher Free Game

Plays: 32755
Enter the dangerous world of a hyperactive and highly carnivorous Flymuncher! Feel what it's like to have to be munching on those flies every second to stay alive in this new Box2D Physics-based game!
Dolphin A Free Action Game
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Dolphin Free Game

Plays: 32739
Your a dolphin, swim ... swim!!
Elite Forces: Warfare 2 A Free Action Game
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Elite Forces: Warfare 2 Free Game

Plays: 32675
Build any tower from any Group, but after you build first one – that Group will become Primary. Secondary will cost 120%, rest will not available to you. Team Up with your friend to achieve win.
Airport Madness A Free Action Game
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Airport Madness Free Game

Plays: 32443
A fun and very addictive airport air traffic control game.
Bugs A Free Action Game
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Bugs Free Game

Plays: 32304
You are the spider and you must defend your turf from all of the bugs that are coming and eating your home. Save the trees!
Hero Pilot A Free Action Game
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Hero Pilot Free Game

Plays: 32001
Hero Pilot is a game in which a commercial airliner is struck by birds during takeoff. The player must guide the plane over the city while dodging birds. After the city is cleared the player must land the plane as gently as possible near a rescue ferry.

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